Basic setup problem

Bruce bestb at
Mon Nov 22 16:16:18 UTC 2004

I have what I am assuming is a pretty basic problem in setting up
bind, due most likely to my having overlooked something obvious.

I have a web server "nancy" running Debian, which sits in a DMZ behind
a router. The server has a firewall, with the necessary ports for bind
open. I have a static IP address, say, which is forwarded to
"nancy" by the router.

I registered my domain name as, and had my registrar
forward to my static ip address,

Having never set up my own domain name on my own box, what happened
with the above setup is that anyone typing into
their browser would end up at my site; however, the address bar of
their browser would now read instead of

I don't want this; I want the address to stay as in
their address bar. A little research suggested that I have to install
a DNS server on my machine that will act as master for my domain, and that this would take care of the problem. From
reading the docs, it sounds as though I want to set this up as an
authoritative-only DNS server.

So, I installed the current version of bind9 (v. 9.2) from Debian
testing, and put the sample configuration for an authoritative-only
server from the bind manual
( into
/etc/named.conf.local, changed all the references to "" in
that file to my own domain, commented out anything about slave servers
(I don't have any (or perhaps don't understand what I am doing). This
is what I put in /etc/bind/named.conf.local:

  options {
     directory "/etc/namedb";           // Working directory
     allow-query { any; };              // This is the default
     recursion no;                      // Do not provide recursive

  // Provide a reverse mapping for the 
  // loopback address
  zone "" {
     type master;
     file "localhost.rev";
     notify no;
  // We are the master server for
  zone "" {
       type master;
       file "";

I now start up bind with /etc/init.d/bind9 restart. From the server
itself, everything works fine and going to stays as in the address bar. However, from any other machine
going to, the address bar still changes to the IP

I am sure this is pretty basic, but I just haven't managed to figure
out where I went wrong. Any suggestions?



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