Bind 9.2: Nameserver IP change not being recognized by the world

Dov Rosenberg dov.rosenberg at
Mon Nov 22 21:36:27 UTC 2004

We are running Bind 9.2 on our Redhat linux servers. Last week, I added a
new DNS server, into our registrar record with Network
Solutions. I had mistakenly set the IP address in our DNS to the wrong
address, .33 instead of .36. NetworkSolutions resolved the IP to .33 when I
added the new nameserver record in. After the fact I realized that I had
made the mistake and changed our A record for to point to
the correct IP - .36. After a week and a registrar change (from NetSol to
eNom) the ip address for dns3 is still not being propgrated properly.
Any suggestions on how to get the change to go thru so the world will
resolve it properly? I have had this problem with any other DNS record we
manage (>1000 records). Thanks in advance

Dov Rosenberg
Conviveon Corporation

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