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Tue Nov 23 05:45:59 UTC 2004

<original poster coming from a different place>

Perhaps I wasn't being clear in my terminology; as noted, the <TITLE> tag
controls what is in the title bar (the coloured bar at the top of the
active window). My problem is, however, with the address bar, a.k.a. the
location bar, or "the place you type in a website address/URL", depending
on what browser you use.

Unfortunately, I had read the documentation for my web server
extensively, and had tried everything there that seemed related (specified
"ServerName" and "UseCanonicalName On" in
/etc/apache2.conf, also set up virtual hosts, etc., all without success).

At some point, I came across a post somewhere that said getting the right
address in the address/location bar was not an Apache issue, but
was dependent on the DNS server, which sounded hopeful given how
everything I had tried on the web server had done nothing to change this
behaviour. It is weird that this _does_ work from the server itself, whose
web browsers seem to know exactly where they are, but any other machine
can find the server and then immediately changes from URL to IP address.
The solution is getting that information to external as well as internal

Looks like its back to the Apache2 docs. Thanks,


>> > >
>>DNS does not control this behavior, it is controlled by the 'title' html
> That is totally untrue. The Title tag has to do with what is displayed in the
> title bar. It has nothing whatsoever to do with his problem.
> The address is NOT a static address, it's the wildcard address.
> You may not use it for a static address. the host line in the HTTP
> protocol is used to send the actual hostname being requested. Most
> HTTP servers today can be set up as virtual servers and use different
> hierarchies dependent on the name in the host line. Read your
> documentation on your HTTP server for details.
> Danny

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