telnet / ssh lookups 5 second delay

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Wed Nov 24 17:19:05 UTC 2004

Ben Halicki <ben.halicki at> wrote:
> Hi all,

> just wondering if anyone has a solution to the 5 second delay incurred =
> Linux when attempting a telnet connection?  It appears that telnet firs=
> attempts to resolve an IPv6 address (not configured) which fails after =
> seconds, then retries using IPv4.  I would like it to fail immediately,
> without the 5 second delay if possible.

> Any ideas?

You should stop using telnet. Why not use ssh which conveniently enough h=
a '-4- switch.

You could also remove ipv6 networking from your linux, this *should* stop
the resolver from trying.

> Thanks in advance,

> Ben Halicki

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