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Wed Nov 24 18:20:56 UTC 2004

in article co2h94$as$1 at, Bruce at bestb at wrote on
11/24/04 6:05 AM:

> ps <fsck at> wrote in message news:<co00g3$a27$1 at>...
>> in article cnu8h7$2gmr$1 at, Danny Mayer at mayer at wrote on
>> 11/22/04 5:32 PM:
>>> The address is NOT a static address, it's the wildcard address.
>> The OP is using as an example address.
> Yes, both and are examples
>> To the OP: Is your registrar hosting and simply forwarding
>> requests to your static IP address?
> I think there must be a gap in my understanding of the role of
> registrars in this process.
> I registered my domain name with I went to their setup
> pages, and after hunting around quite a bit (I find their site very
> awkward to navigate) the only place where I could tell them to use my
> static IP for my domain was in the option "Domain forwarding". I
> assumed this is just how it is done (or surely they would have
> provided another option?), though I did think it seemed a bit odd. I
> thought I would just tell them to associate my IP address with my
> domain name.
> Is there some other way that my ip address and domain name should be
> connected? If so, what should I be asking my registrar to do?
> Thanks,
> B.

Many registars offer to host websites and provide basic e-mail services, in
addition to registering the domain name. My thought was that perhaps they
are hosting the website (and DNS records) and are simply redirecting http
queries to the static address you provided. This would explain the behavior
you're seeing, with the domain name being replaced by the static address in
the address bar. The original webserver is simply redirecting the request to
the website at the static address.

What exactly is the domain name and static address? Providing those may go a
long way towards others finding out what's wrong.

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