LOC record

SilentRage bind-users at dollardns.net
Wed Nov 24 19:32:12 UTC 2004

I believe it was either VirtualRoute or NeoTrace that made queries for LOC records.  Both tools do a graphical trace route between your location and another machine's location.  Most likely what I remember was VirtualRoute, cause back when I cared about such a thing, I liked it over NeoTrace.


--- Reply to: Evert Meulie <evert at witelcom.com> ---
> Hi everyone!
> Are there currently any (web)tools available that can do useful things
> with the info of the LOC record?
> http://www.ckdhr.com/perl/loc2maps seems to be R.I.P....   ;-)
> Regards,
> 	Evert Meulie

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