AW: 9.3.0 coring on FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE

Walkenhorst, Benjamin Benjamin.Walkenhorst at
Thu Nov 25 14:03:52 UTC 2004


> Before I had a problem with named coring on sighup. My 
> solution to that
> problem was to use rndc reload. Now named keeps on coring 
> sporadically when
> I'm not doing anything besides using it for normal lookups. 
> Where can I look
> to start debugging this problem? Does named leave a core file 
> anywhere? Also
> I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it but it is a 
> secondary DNS
> for the .lan zone I use internally on my home LAN.

Well, to my knowledge, the definition of "to core" is something like
"to die and leave a core dump". If it does not leave a core-file
anywhere, it is, in my understanding, not coring. =)
I'm using FreeBSD on my home desktop, to my knowledge, a crashing application
should turn up in /var/log/messages with a brief description of the
cause (segfault, ...).

Are you using GENERIC or a custom kernel? If it's custom, do you have
any "nasty" stuff compiled in? Like ULE or PREEMPTION...
Are you using BIND as it came with the system or did you install it from
packages or ports or just build it manually? 

I suggest you take a thorough look at the logfiles, especially near the end. 
When I run into sticky problems, it's most often because I'm too lazy to look at
the logs right away and thoroughly.
Most often, when I finally come back to the logs, I wish I had done so earlier. =)

Also, cranking up BIND's debugging level can help. A Debug-Level of maybe 5 or 10 will
give you *plenty* of info, and if it doesn't suffice, you can go up to 99. 
Which will give you an insane amount of debugging messages. =)
Note that you can use rndc to increase or reset the server's debugging level.

Kind regards,

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