Wrong IP Lookup

Norman Zhang norman.zhang at rd.arkonnetworks.com
Thu Nov 25 16:03:46 UTC 2004

>>I have BIND setup to take DDNS from a multihomed box. DDNS are enabled
>>on both NICs. For example,
>>However, the wrong IP may sometimes be resolved for the wrong subnet. Is
>>there a way I can restrict hosts in subnet to resolve to
>> only? And likewise for subnet
> Are both nics connected to the same hub/switch?

Thank you for your help. No they are not connected to the same 
hub/switch. The hub and switches are on complete different subnets.

> If so, then you're playing an ARP roulette which is why sometimes it's ok 
> sometimes it's bust. That is when some pc asks "Who has" The 
> kernel on the box would be confused and would make both nics answer it, 
> whichever comes first.

If I do nslookup, I sometimes see,



Does this matter? Someone off-list told me views could help. Do you 
think that would work? I'll go investigate further.


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