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Mon Nov 29 00:21:03 UTC 2004

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> Many registars offer to host websites and provide basic e-mail services, in
> addition to registering the domain name. My thought was that perhaps they
> are hosting the website (and DNS records) and are simply redirecting http
> queries to the static address you provided. This would explain the behavior
> you're seeing, with the domain name being replaced by the static address in
> the address bar. The original webserver is simply redirecting the request to
> the website at the static address.
> What exactly is the domain name and static address? Providing those may go a
> long way towards others finding out what's wrong.

(I don't know what is going on with Google groups (which I use for
usenet posting; my ISP doesn't have a news server); this is the third
time I have tried to reply to this post in the past 5 days, and each
time the message goes off just fine, but never actually shows up
anywhere. I hope this one gets through...  )

Thanks ps for your suggestions; as it turns out, my registrar does
_not_ provide DNS, and referred me to, where I was
able to set up DNS for my domain and my IP address, which is now
working as it should. I suggested they might clarify on the domain
registration page with something like "Thank you for registering with
us: please note that in order to use your new domain, you will need to
set up your own DNS server or register it with a DNS service." This
was their response:

'We do not provide DNS services.... What you are doing with your
domain is not common with regular clients. Most clients host with us,
or have another hosting company. Others have there own DNS severs.
Adding a statement as you suggested would confuse more clients.'

I guess most people 

a) if they are setting up their own box, know exactly what they are
doing and always set up their own DNS server as well, or

b) if hosting somewhere else, let the host take care of everything.

I am in a third group who is setting up my own box without knowing
what I am doing ;), so no help (hope?) for me.

It's working now, so thanks for your help/suggestions.


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