AXFR does not look at Domain name

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Nov 30 03:28:29 UTC 2004

In article <co481k$2t7s$1 at>,
 Swapna Prasad <swapna56782004 at> wrote:

>Hi All,
>I do a AXFR zone Transfer to get the list of hosts in my domain. The way I do 
>is I connect to the DNS Server in my domain on port 53 using TCP. Then send a 
>DNS query as specified by RFC1034(header,question,response...etc). the 
>question section takes domain name, class, type etc. I get the 
>response...everything works fine. 
>      But I found that it does not look at the Domain name field at all. What 
>      ever the value in the domain name field it does the zone transfer of 
>      the zone records present in the DNS server to which it is I have 
>      connected. Is this the way it has to work or am I doing something 
>      wrong.
What do you mean by "Domain name field"? The domain you want to AXFR 
should be in the Question Section. And what do you mean by "the zone 
records present in the DNS server ..."? Are you implying that the zone 
transfer response includes a mixture of records from different zones 
hosted by the nameserver? I find that very hard to believe...

                                       - Kevin

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