Setting-up DNS via Cable Modem with Static IP

Alex samalex at
Wed Oct 20 18:13:06 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I've been told by many that this is possible, but I'm having trouble
seeing how to put the pieces together to get this going.

I have a broadband cablemodem where my IP changes periodically (about
once every 4-5 months generally).  My broadband connection is rather
rock solid, and AFAIK it hasn't gone down but maybe once or twice in
the 2 years I've had it.

Anyway, I want to use Bind to do my own DNS, but I'm not sure how to
set it up.  I can go through a service like or another to
get a domain name pointed to my home network, but from there I'm not
sure what's next.

Example, through a dynip-type service I can tie say to my
home network.  But how do I tie like and to my home network for DNS?  Then if I want to do say or to seperate IP's, I take it
this is where Bind comes into play, but again--- not sure how this all
ties in to one another.

I've read through Bind how-to's plus Googled this quite a bit, but
I've yet to find the exact scenario I'm running into.

Has anyone done this before?  If so, I'd love a quick synopses or
similar -- not really technical details, but maybe what services you
used (if any) and basic steps you went through.

Thanks in advance, and take care,


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