Advice for personal dns server

AbbieNormal none at
Wed Oct 20 22:20:03 UTC 2004

I want to set up a personal dns server to use on my local network. My
only goal is faster lookups. I hope to achieve this by eliminating the
latency of dns requests going onto the internet to my ISP's dns
servers. I also want to add reliability, since my ISP's servers are
kind of flakey sometimes. This server will be sitting behind a Linksys
router doing NAT/PPPOE, which is hooked up to a 
768/128kbps dsl link.

I plan to get a Sun Sparcstation with at least a 40mhz cpu, 64mb
memory and 1+ gig hard drive. The OS will be one of the BSD's or
Linuxes (I will pick the one that runs the fastest and most stable on
the Sparc). The only reason why I'm gettting a Sun instead of an
intel/amd box is because of their small compact size.  

Preliminary google searches resulted in little useful/friendly advice.
I'd like to know the following:

Is Bind a good choice for me?
What is most important in terms of hardware? cpu? memory?

If anyone can point me to some quick reads/faq's/howto's, I would
appreciate it, because I really couldn't find any.

On a side note, if I were to approach this project like I normally
approach things that I have never done before, I would go out and read
oreilly's bind books and spend the next few days doing research on the
web. Then another few days setting things up. But I just don't have
the time for that right now and I'm really curious if it's possible to
do these things quickly and correctly. Basically, I don't know what
I'm getting myself into and based on previous experiences this little
project can take a few hours or the next few weeks - I'm sure we've
all been there/done that before. 

Thanks for all your help.

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