Bind 9 on RH9 dying

David Botham DBotham at
Thu Oct 21 16:02:30 UTC 2004

bind-users-bounce at wrote on 10/21/2004 10:41:42 AM:
> David,=20
Please stop top-posting.  It gets the conversation out of order.

> Agreed, we'd tried to start the process since it was dead. Only
> rebooting brings it back.=20

How (what commands) did you try to start named?  What OS are you on? 'tail 
-f' you log file while you are attempting to start / restart the name 
server (post your test results).

> I've looked at the /var/log/messages and can't find any indication of
> the process going south other then getting a bunch of "lame server" and
> "NXRESET"  messages it appears to be running.=20

I don't see anything here that indicates the name server process has 
stopped.  What indications do you have that the name server has stopped? 
In other words, what makes you think it is not working?  (post your test 



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