Should I be concerned ?

Ronan Flood ronan at
Thu Oct 21 17:30:55 UTC 2004

"Ronald I. Nutter" <ronald_nutter at> wrote:

> From watching the listserv, I understand about the lame server not being
> something much to worry about.  With what I am seeing in the log similar
> to what is below where there are repeated attempts, should I look at
> turning up some additional logging and what type to see if the problem
> is coming internally from my network ?
> Oct 21 13:11:23 pippin named[20818]: lame server resolving '' (in
> ''?):

> Oct 21 13:11:34 pippin named[20818]: lame server resolving
> '' (in ''?):

Try a dig +trace on them, eg "dig +trace" -- they just look broken,
so whatever is asking your server keeps trying.

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