strange syslog

David Botham DBotham at
Fri Oct 22 20:19:47 UTC 2004

bind-users-bounce at wrote on 10/22/2004 02:30:23 PM:
> Hi all
> I saw some strange message in the syslog, can someone help me to 
interpret it 
> or point me to some right resouce to decode it?
> Thanks a lot, juwa
> client x.y.z.w#61147: no more recursive clients: quota reached

Check the options in named.conf for:

The maximum number of simultaneous recursive lookups the server will 
perform on behalf of
clients. The default is 1000. Because each recursing client uses a fair 
bit of memory, on the order of
20 kilobytes, the value of the recursive-clients option may have to be 
decreased on hosts with
limited memory.

See the BIND ARM for more info on this and other resource limiting 



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