Slave's lack of NS records cause zone file dump

SilentRage bind-users at
Fri Oct 22 23:20:10 UTC 2004

> I was interested in what was in your logs to in an attempt to help you 
> solve a problem. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for more 
> information (especially logs). I am completely blind, execpt for what 
> information you gave me.

Well, for curiosity's sake, here's the log information.  The first 4 messages occur when transferring a zone with no NS records.  The last 2 messages occur when restarting the server.  Names and IPs have been changed to protect the guilty.

08-Oct-2004 4:06:58.218 xfer-in: info: transfer of '' from connected using
08-Oct-2004 4:06:59.015 general: error: zone transferred zone has no NS records
08-Oct-2004 4:06:59.015 general: info: zone transferred serial 55
08-Oct-2004 4:06:59.015 xfer-in: info: transfer of '' from end of transfer

22-Oct-2004 17:10:39.671 general: error: zone has no NS records
22-Oct-2004 17:10:39.687 general: info: zone saved '/var/named/usr/userid/' as 'db-00001324'

> I am almost sorry I tried to help after reading your reply.

Hey no worries man.  I got a little miffed that you put your guess that the problem wasn't that the master didn't have NS records against my personal observation, but hey, I can't blame ya.  People asking questions make wrong assumptions about what the problem is all the time.  Many times I've helped people and said bluntly "I don't believe you, paste for me the results for *this* and *that* command".  :)


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