v9.3.0 and hyphens

David Botham DBotham at OptimusSolutions.com
Mon Oct 25 15:37:50 UTC 2004

bind-users-bounce at isc.org wrote on 10/25/2004 11:29:37 AM:
> I have just installed v9.3.0 on a Solaris 9 Sparc
> machine.  Any zone, with a record that has a hyphen in
> it causes problems; '21-Oct-2004 13:32:08.000 general:
> error: zone 2.158.66.in-addr.arpa/IN: loading
> master file 66.158.2.rev: bad name (check-names)'
> and
> '21-Oct-2004 13:32:08.047 general: error: zone
> kentlaw.edu/IN: loading master file kentlaw.hosts: bad
> owner name (check-names)'
> Does anyone know of any solution or workaround for
> this?  I will not be able to remove the hyphens as our
> MS Active Directory records contains info with hyphens
> in them as well as many of our clients.

Hypens should be legal.  Underscores are also legal in a domain name, just 
not in a host name.  Could you post the offending db files?



> Thanks in advance.
> Larry Adamiec
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