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Barry Margolin barmar at
Wed Oct 27 06:45:02 UTC 2004

In article <clncdf$2kvc$1 at>, rioguia at wrote:

> I have a lame primary name server  
> My files appear to be formatted correctly (my /etc/host and resolve.conf =
> are shown below) because named-checkconf returns a zero status.  I also a=
> ttempted to use DNSWalk but can't find any documentation on how to use it=
>  (sample command lines would be appreciated.

It looks like testy isn't successfully loading the zone file for

Since you haven't posted any of your configuration files, I don't know 
how you expect us to figure out what you did wrong.

> I do see in the the following errors in the logs
> rndc: connect failed: connection refused
> Oct 27 00:55:48 testy kernel: process `nslookup' is using obsolete setsoc=
> Oct 27 04:55:48 testy named[3907]: lame server resolving ''=
>  (in ''?):
> Oct 27 01:00:20 testy kernel: process `dig' is using obsolete setsockopt =

What you need to look at are the log messages that occur when you start 
named.  They'll tell you what zone files it's loading, and if it got any 
errors while doing this.

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