slow zone propagation

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Wed Oct 27 16:28:32 UTC 2004

Jerome Tytgat <jerome.tytgat at> wrote:
> Hello list,

> I need you to help me resolve one big problem we have here.

> We have 1 central cluster server ( with 1 master zone and 100+ r=
> everse zones (with
> have a lot of networks...), running bind 9.2.1 on Debian Linux Woody 3.
> We have 12 sites and on each sites we have a slave DNS server running bin=
> d 9.2.2rc1 on Sun
> Solaris 8.

> We have a very slow propagation of the master zone to the
> slaves servers.

> I wonder if I made something wrong and if it's possible to accelerate
> the propagation.

> The most important zone for us, is the master zone (, could it =
> be possible to priorize it ?

> Thanks for you advice.

HAve a look at bind-9.3.0 and it's ability to create
IXFR on static zones.

Read about "ixfr-from-differences  yes;" which does the magix.

The slaves already tries ( according to the logs shown) IXFR, so whenever 
you upgrade to bind-9.3.0 these problems will disappear.

I've been using this for a dnsbl and it works like a charm

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