Running an undelegated zone

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Thu Oct 28 04:44:42 UTC 2004

At 06:12 PM 10/27/2004, Kevin Darcy wrote:
>Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> >For testing purposes, I want to run a zone that is not delegated to me
> >(Actually an zone).
> >
> >I have it working on BIND 9, but doing what seems like the equivalent thing
> >on BIND 8 does not work.
> >
>An undelegated zone should work, as long as the client is only sending
>queries to authoritative servers.
>When you say "does not work", exactly what results are you getting?
>NXDOMAIN? Empty answers? SERVFAIL?


I was getting nothing in the zone according to the named_dump.db.

So I unzipped named-checkzone from Bind 9 and ran that by cutting and 
pasting from my named.conf, and found a typo in the named.conf.


Fixed the typo and everything is working as it should.

Now I can ask my ISP to delegate my 64 addresses to me, as 
they indicated they were willing to do.....

And one less thing to change during the server swap.

Thanks all!

The only person who always got his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.

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