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Rob Butler crodster2k at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 4 17:21:49 UTC 2004


You may want to checkout Bind-DLZ. 

It is similar to the SDB drivers, but has a few more
features.  It's most important feature is that it
operates on multiple zones at once, unlike the SDB
drivers.  Also, DLZ supports a wide variety of
databases; MySQL, PostgreSQL, LDAP, Berkeley DB, ODBC,
and more are supported.

Like SDB DLZ currently does not support dynamic
updates, but support for that could be added to DLZ
just as easily as it could be added to SDB.  The
advantage of doing this work in DLZ instead of SDB is
that DLZ supports more drivers than SDB currently
does.  The work of supporting dynamic updates could
then be used with more database backends than just the
LDAP one.

I had planned on eventually adding dynamic DNS support
to DLZ, but I have been too busy to undertake that
work at this time.  I'd be more than happy to help
guide the work though if you wanted to do this for

DLZ author

--- ms419 at freezone.co.uk wrote:

> Our organization stores static DNS information in
> LDAP, & uses Stig 
> Venaas' LDAP SDB backend. Thank you Stig!
> We would also like to use dynamic DNS updates, but
> this doesn't seem to 
> work; we're using BIND 9.2.4:
> ourhost:~> nsupdate
>  > update add newhost.ourdomain 86400 A
>  >
> update failed: SERVFAIL
>  >
> While we could create a separate subdomain for
> dynamic DNS, our reverse 
> zones are all in LDAP, so we can't dynamically
> update reverse lookup 
> information, which is essential.
> I am prepared to do a bit O' coding to make this
> work, but the problem 
> seems to be the SDB backend doesn't support dynamic
> updates (as of 
> 9.2.4).
> It isn't necessary that dynamic updates be actually
> propagated to the 
> LDAP database (kewl as that would be); we are
> satisfied to store 
> dynamic updates transiently in memory.
> Is anyone familiar with:
> 1 ) using SDB & dynamic DNS updates together?
> 2 ) using a dynamically updatable database in front
> of an SDB database?
> 3 ) another DNS server, supporting dynamic DNS
> updates & LDAP, or SQL?
> Thank you!
> Jack

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