daniel popescu ewqdsaz at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 5 12:00:57 UTC 2004

I have a question about bind9.
I have the following:
  1 server with 4 ethernet cards (work only as
firewall), below are enumerate the ethernet cards:
	1 ip public: a.b.c.d (router)
	2 ip public: a.b.e.1 (ip public for connect to other
7 computers (a.b.e.1-8))
	3 ip (for connect to DMZ)
	4 ip ( for intranet)
and 1 server for DMZ with ip (on this server
run: www, mail, ftp, ssh, squid, DNS)
I want configure DNS server to run on and
respond to 
www.mydomain.com		A	a.b.c.1
mail.mydomain.com		A	a.b.c.1
dns.mydomain.com		A	a.b.c.1
ftp.mydomain.com		A	a.b.c.1
statia1.mydomain.com	A	a.b.c.2
statia2.mydomain.com	A	a.b.c.3
statia7.mydomain.com	A       a.b.c.8

In firewall I configure redirect ports from a.b.c.1 to
(www, mail, ftp, ssh, squid) work ok, but DNS not work
because  is not working correctly on (with
nslookup don't respond to reverse)

How must configure DNS? (some examples)
I tried but reverse zone is not work.

Thanks for any idea.

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