serial number format in dynamic dns update

Stefan Puiu stefanpuiu at
Thu Oct 7 13:20:00 UTC 2004

I think that format is suggested if you only manually update your zone 
(by editing the zone file). Any DDNS update would trigger the 
incrementation of the serial number as specified in RFC 1982. I didn't 
have the patience to read the RFC thoroughly, but I noticed that in the 
BIND 9 code, they do something like this (it's a define): :

new_serial = (old_serial + 1) & 0xFFFFFFFF;
if (new_serial == 0) {
    new_serial = 1;

So, your serial number will become 2004103200. I suggest you read the 
RFC for the gory details.

saravanan ganapathy wrote:

>  RFC suggests that serial number in SOA, should be in
>the format of YYYYMMDDnn. 
>How dyn.dns updates the serial number using this
>What is the next serial number using dyndns update, if
>the current serial number is '2004103199'?
>Kindly clarify me
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