Bind 9, Wildcard Records and Road Runner

Anthony Eden anthony at
Sat Oct 9 20:16:43 UTC 2004

Paul Vixie wrote:


> using ddns, you can create new child zone delegation points.  therefore if
> your registry process included the following steps, it would have the
> effect of allowing near-instantaneous appearance of new subdomains (which
> you can interpret as "new url's whose domain-part ends in .MP") without the
> use of wildcards and without running into the widely deployed DNS filtering
> (which goes by the name of "BIND's delegation-only option").
> 1. a new subdomain is to be created, $FOO.MP.
> 2. append a new "zone" directive to the end of your named.conf file, using
>    a shared primary zone file, such that new subdomains have known content.
> 3. use "rndc reconfig" to cause new zone to be loaded and served.
> 4. use "nsupdate" (for DDNS, see RFC2136) to add new NS RRs to "MP" zone.
> that's it.  the whole process takes less than one second, and is fully
> automated, fully secure, uses no wildcards, and encounters no filtering.
> it will work on BIND9 (preferred) or BIND8 (if you must; use ndc rather
> than rndc in this case).

So even with a very large number of zones (hundreds of thousands, if not 
millions) this process would still take less than a second?  We are 
using Bind 9.

> note that this is a BIND-specific solution, but then this is a BIND-specific
> forum (either bind-users@, or comp.protocols.dns.bind, depending on one's
> point of view.)

Of course, and since we are using Bind that makes sense. :-)

Anthony Eden

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