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> I have been given documentation that states bind is running on a server.  As
> far as I can tell I cannot see it as a running process while running
> ps -aux, unless its currently stopped.

Were you looking for "bind"?  The name of the process is "named".

> How do I tell if this is infact install and operational.  Can anyone suggest
> anything.  I'll be doing this for a range of other software just to attempt
> to document what is running and where all the configuration files are.  For
> example apache, samaba, squid, mysql, and other apps.

dig version.bind txt chaos @<server-addr>

> Is there an easy way of knowing what is running on each server and where all
> configuration and source installation files are.

The main configuration file is normally /etc/named.conf, and it may (and 
often does) contain a "directory" option that specifies where the rest 
of the config files are.  An alternate configuration file can be 
specified using a command-line option when starting the daemon, so you 
need to check the command line shown by "ps" to be sure.

There's no standard place for the source files -- they don't even need 
to be on the system at all (they could have deleted them after 
installing, or downloaded the binaries from somewhere).

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