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Tue Oct 12 05:57:38 UTC 2004

Techie <nomail at> wrote:
> "Simon Dodd"

>> Jacob,=20
>> If you're going to also be administering the box as well as installing
>> it, the best advice you're going to get is to invest in a copy of "DNS
>> & BIND" by Albitz & Lie (O'Reilly , ISBN 0-596-00158-4). This book is
>> widely regarded as the Bible for DNS in general and BIND in
>> particular, and it covers everything you're likely to want or need to
>> know about getting BIND, installing it, configuring it and maintaining
>> it when it's running.=20

> I have the book and all ARM files and everything else, as well as src a=
> NIN files and so on and that doesn't make me much wiser.
> It simply proves I really know nothing about it to begin with and that =
> not really funny.

> Here is my situation.

> A) I have never used BIND before, and the simplest one to install and g=
> running was 4.9.6 for NT. Bind 8.x and 9.x simply wouldn't install and=20
> the installer provided from ISC fails all the time saying the service=20
> already is there and it wont uninstall to begin with.

> B) No I will not install Linux on this box just to get Bind up and=20
> running.
> Why? Because this is a Windows box and dedicated for other stuff and I=20
> dont intend to re-invent the wheel and another 7 million things just to=
> have Bind running as I simply need a secondary box to run NS from.

Then i suggest you get DNS from your ISP os someone else. Unwillingness t=
learn and follow advices is no great start of a relationship.

> C) I have zero or hardly any knowledge of Linux or Unix and dont intend=
> to buy 500 books on the topic, learn three new languages and stand upsi=
> down on my head drinking water to get rid of weird hickups just for the=
> purpose of getting BIND to run.

Same applies here. DNS is a unix-thing, parts of it may be partially runn=
on windows VMS MVS netware and other exotic playstations, but "the real t=
and the one that current sources are built for are unix.

> Now having said that, I am of the clear opinion that if BIND was releas=
> for NT then it should also be able to run and operate as such.

> 90 % of all information released about BIND is targeted towards=20
> Linux/Unix users, which may be fair for them but thats not what some of=
> us endusers are trying to accomplish here.

> ----To get to my question....

Again. buy the services elsewhere. You might even find microsofts nameser=
ver usable.

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