Going crazy! -- "Sending Notifies" not working on Redhat Enterprise v3??

Ronan Flood ronan at noc.ulcc.ac.uk
Wed Oct 13 13:11:08 UTC 2004

raiden at wonko.inow.com wrote:

Sorry, just noticed something else ...

> ## master --

>         allow-transfer {; };

> ## zone file on master
> $TTL 3h
> myvemma.com. IN SOA ns1.myvemma.com. support.myvemma.com. (

> myvemma.com.    IN NS   ns1.myvemma.com.
> myvemma.com.    IN NS   ns2.myvemma.com.

> web01.myvemma.com.              IN A
> web02.myvemma.com.              IN A

> ns1.myvemma.com.                IN CNAME        web01.myvemma.com.
> ns2.myvemma.com.                IN CNAME        web02.myvemma.com.

When deciding which servers to notify, the master will ignore the
server mentioned in the SOA as the primary server.  In your case,
that would be ns1 which (indirectly) has address, which
appears to be your slave!  Have you got the addresses for ns1/ns2
the wrong way around?

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