Looking for stats

Peter S. GamerGoal at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 15:52:28 UTC 2004


I'm looking for the following stats:

1)  Domain name resolving
2)  Domain name not resolving

I need to put together this info for a paper i'm working on. So I
would like your help in possbily finding this information.

Where would this info reside?

At the ISP dns? or root dns? for the domain name lookups a user
(example: if a user types apple.com, is that information going to
reside on the ISP side which caches it, and the ISP can provide how
many times apple.com was accecced from their DNS cahce?. How about on
the root server, similar method?)

And is this data public domain or proprietary?

Finally, if this is not the right group, which one is?

I highly appreciate any help and suggestions you might provide. 


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