problem forwarding a subdomain

Mauricio Prates mauricio_prates at
Thu Oct 14 18:35:55 UTC 2004

	Hello there, I have the follow situation, one DNS Server with domain 
"" and another DNS Server with subdomain 
"". I have configured the second DNS to local resolv 
the subdomain "" and forward the domain 
"" to the first DNS server. This is working fine, for 
example, from the computer "" I can resolv the name 

	And I have configured the first DNS server to local resolv  the domain 
"" and forward the subdomain "", but 
this isn't working, for example, from "" 
I can't resolv "".

	Anyone knows wath I have to do to have this situation working ?

	Here are part of my named.conf

zone "" in {
         type forward;
         forwarders {; };

zone "" in {
         type forward;
         forwarders {;; };

Btw, I'm using BIND 9.2.2 and SUSE 9.0 in the both servers.



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