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> I know this is the Bind9 list, but...

No it isn't, this is the BIND list.

> I have been running the ISC Bind on NT for some years.  It is behind a 
> firewall.
> I am building a LINUX system with the latest Bind 9 (ran up2date yesterday) 
> to replace it.
> I want to determine the version of Bind on the NT system.  I am pretty sure 
> it is 8.something.  That I did upgrade from 4.9
> I am working on setting up a CIDRed reverse lookup per RFC 2317.  It is 
> working with Bind9 on LINUX.
> Now that I understand how this works, I want to set it up on my NT's Bind 
> (the LINUX system still needs Samba and Openldap set up before the switch 
> over).
> I can't get it to work, the reverse  zones are coming up with nothing in 
> the SOA (when I do a dumpdb) and no RRs.  That is why I want the version 
> number so I can effectively trouble shoot this.

dig version.bind txt chaos @<server-address>

However, the technique for implementing RFC 2317 reverse zones is not 
really version-dependent.

If you post your named.conf and zone files we may be able to tell you 
what you did wrong.

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