installing bind

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sat Oct 16 22:39:52 UTC 2004

At 07:39 PM 10/11/2004, Vinny Abello wrote:
> >A) I have never used BIND before, and the simplest one to install and get
> >running was 4.9.6 for NT. Bind 8.x and 9.x simply wouldn't install and
> >the installer provided from ISC fails all the time saying the service
> >already is there and it wont uninstall to begin with.
>I've never seen this behavior. It sounds like you may have to manually
>remove the service via the registry or whatever tool you're comfortable
>with using to remove services. msconfig might help if you're not familiar
>with the registry. Do you see a service called "ISC BIND" listed?

If you previously had BIND 4 installed you need to use whatever was
provided by the BIND 4 kit to uninstall it. The installer does not try
to uninstall previous versions. I believe Larry Kahn did the NT port
and used to run a mailing on it.

>90% of the information released about BIND is about BIND. There is nothing
>really OS specific about the majority of the configuration. A few things
>might just reference *nix paths with a forward slash instead of the Windows
>backslash, and syslog doesn't exist on Windows, but I can't really think of
>too many other specific differences that would stump you.

BIND doesn't care whether or not you use forward or backward slashes.
In most places, with some exceptions, Windows doesn't care either.
The Windows port uses the event log instead of syslog but apart from
that there's no difference.

>Why are you finding a resolv.conf file when you're looking for a named.boot
>file anyway? Windows doesn't need this file, but if you have BIND specific
>tools, it can be used by them if you put it in

named doesn't use resolv.conf but nslookup (the one provided with this kit),
host and dig (if requested) does.


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