rndc: connect failed: connection refused

Greg Mathews webmaster at notts.net
Sun Oct 17 13:59:39 UTC 2004

OK thanks for the info Barry and Jim

It appears that my problem is not with rndc as that does work when named is 
running, my problem is actually with the /etc/rc.d/init.d/named which is 
not starting named although it tells me it has. I have been restarting 
named when adding/editing zones but I now realise that I should just be 
reloading it.

This solves my problem except when my box is rebooted, as it was by my host 
last night for network maintenance and named isn't starting at boot up but 
I can monitor that another way and it doesn't happen that often, last night 
being the first reboot for over a year.

Thanks again


At 14:26 17/10/2004, Barry Margolin wrote:
>In article <cktpb4$2q86$1 at sf1.isc.org>,
>  Greg Mathews <greg at hostingtheinter.net> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > If this isn't the right list for this I appologise now
> >
> > To restart named etc I've been using the command line
> >
> > /etc/rc.d/init.d/named restart
>Try: rndc exec
> >
> > but recently this has stopped working, ie restart will stop named but
> > doesn't restart it again
> >
> > when I attempt to start named using rndc it returns the error
> >
> > 'rndc: connect failed: connection refused'
>Rndc works by sending a control message to named.  If named isn't
>running, there's nothing for it to connect to in order to send the
>message.  To start named you should just run named itself.
>Barry Margolin, barmar at alum.mit.edu
>Arlington, MA
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