DHCP Option 119

David Botham DBotham at OptimusSolutions.com
Mon Oct 18 21:12:56 UTC 2004

bind-users-bounce at isc.org wrote on 10/18/2004 04:45:37 PM:
> Is Option 119 available for Windows Server 2003 DHCP servers?  I would
> like to use this option to distribute a DNS Suffix Search List to
> clients.

Perhaps you should ask this question on a list dedicated to Windows Server 
2003 DHCP or even a DHCP mailing list.  The BIND list is probably not the 
best place for this question.

Point your news reader at 'news.microsoft.com'



> Thanks for your reply.
> Nathan Spear
> nathan.spear at iovation.com

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