Some progress but no joy yet

Ian Wark ianshoko at
Wed Oct 20 12:52:24 UTC 2004

Thank you again to Danny and Vinny for your comments.
I tried setting a password for the "named" user and I immediately stopped 
getting fatal errors with named-checkconf. In fact, I got no message at all. 
It just returned with nothing at all. Although named-checkzone fails and 
other utilities, one good thing is that I became able to run named. So I 
took my minimalistic named.conf and and this is 
what I got. Is this running correctly? (Granted, I should get rid of the 
notify yes bit) I still can't access my home page from All of my config files are in etc directory.

C:\WINDOWS\system32\dns\bin>named -g
20-10-2004 20:01:38.687 starting BIND 9.3.0 -g
20-10-2004 20:01:38.687 found 1 CPU, using 1 worker thread
20-10-2004 20:01:38.687 loading configuration from 
20-10-2004 20:01:38.734 listening on IPv4 interface Loopback Interface 1,
20-10-2004 20:01:38.750 listening on IPv4 interface TCP/IP Interface 2,
20-10-2004 20:01:38.796 command channel listening on
20-10-2004 20:01:38.890 ignoring config file logging statement due to -g 
20-10-2004 20:01:38.937 zone has no NS records
20-10-2004 20:01:38.968 running

My configuration files are like this after chopping the commented bits:


options {
    directory "/WINDOWS/system32/dns/etc";

zone "" IN {
    type master;
    file "";
    allow-query { any; };
    notify yes;


$TTL 86400
@         IN SOA (
                        2003072400    ; serial
                        3H            ; refresh
                        15M           ; retry
                        1W            ; expiry
                        1D )          ; minimum

www       IN CNAME


key "rndc-key" {
 algorithm hmac-md5;
 secret "ZyhppE18SJcw0O0xHhbwHQ==";


#Start of rndc.conf
key "rndc-key" {
 algorithm hmac-md5;
 secret "ZyhppE18SJcw0O0xHhbwHQ==";

options {
 default-key "rndc-key";
 default-port 953;
#End of rndc.conf

I will still do a reinstallation. Rndc is failing fatally. Should I delete 
my named user as well as deleting the dns directory?

Ian Wark.

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