DNS Resolution Issue with Website?

Absolutely absolutelynospam at here.now
Sat Oct 30 14:17:08 UTC 2004

Don't know if this is the place to post this, but we'll give it a shot.

Got something happening that I can't quite figure out.  We are working with
a company that has two domains.  The domains are www.checktech.us and

www.checktech.us is registered with GoDaddy and is forwarded to
www.checktechfinancial.com, which is registered with Network Solutions.

A couple of weird things are happening.  First, when hovering over a link at
www.checktechfinancial.com, rather than seeing the URL we are seeing the IP
address of the web server.  Second, and probably caused by the same problem,
there is a search function on www.checktechfinancial.com when is run through
a third party search service.  The banners and such from
www.checktechfinancial.com are supposed to show up on the search site, but
don't unless the path to those images are change from a URL to the IP
address of the web server hosting www.checktechfinancial.com.

The other really weird thing is that the site seems to be using frames, even
though there is absolutely nothing in the coding for frames.  If we move the
entire site to a subfolder under our own site on our webserver, everything
works correctly, even though we have to access it using
www.ourdomain/checktechfinancial.com, with the exception of the search
feature of course.

I think something is wacked out in DNS, although I may be wrong.  If it is
DNS, where could the problem be?

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