named exiting every hour

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Jun 1 00:19:39 UTC 2005

> I am getting the following error on naed and it is exiting every hour.
> any workaround/solution to this problem ?
> =20
> Version 9.2.3rc2 on Linux
> -----------------------------------cut-------------------------------------=
> ---
> db.c:431: REQUIRE(dns_name_issubdomain(name, &db->origin)) failed
> named[4618]: exiting (due to assertion failure)
> ----------------------------------cut--------------------------------------=
> ---

	I'm trying to understand why you chose to post here rather
	than just upgrading and seeing if the problem goes away.

	This is not just a idle question.  Most of the problems
	posted here are addressed by upgrading and if they are not
	addressed by upgrading we have atleast eliminated a whole
	raft of known problems prior to attempting to debug the

	What do we need to do to get you to upgrade before you post
	here in the future?

	BIND is open source and there really is no reason why anyone
	cannot atleast attempt upgrading.  As a network / systems
	administator I wouldn't have dreamt of filing a bug report
	on open source software if I wasn't running a current
	version.  I still don't now that I'm a developer.

	Incidently this change is the fix to your problem.

1522.   [bug]           dns_db_findnode() relax the requirements on 'name'.
                        [RT# 9286]


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