Seek great help for bind 9.2.3 on Sun solaris 8

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Jun 1 02:38:39 UTC 2005

> Dear All,
>       We wants to install bind 9.2.3 on Solaris 8. We have BIND 8 on same
> server. Now I have remove the old BIND package. When I install new BIND
> package ( downloaded from sun freeware ) BIND 9.2.3 (
> bind-9.2.3-sol8-sparc-local )  on solaris 8 , it installs properly but I
> haven't found named.conf, rndc.cond, root.hint etc  
>       What could be problem?  Have I selected wrong package or my
> installation process is incorrect ? Please suggest steps with rndc.
>     Waiting for Helping response

	Firstly why are you installing a version that is two maintenance
	releases behind current (9.2.5 / 9.3.1)?

	Secondly you need to create named.conf, rndc.conf etc.
	There is no way we can second guess what your configuration
	requirements are.  rndc-confgen will help with rndc.conf.

	Note this should be all documented.  If it is not documented
	complain the the people creating the package as it is included
	in the source we ship.

> Best Regards
> Ganesh BORHADE 
> Unix-Server-Mgmt-Team,
> 09880537357
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