how to resolve all unknown names to ?

"Дмитрий Проводников" dmitry.provodnikov at
Wed Jun 1 06:43:52 UTC 2005

Hello All !

There is a BIND 9.3.1. in deep intranet, so it hasn't access
to root servers.

It works as "forward only", forwards all non-auth queries to
upstream NSs in intranet too. Connection to NSs in Internet
to 53/udp and 53/tcp are impossible.

In named.conf there are:

(1) master intranet zones (about 20)
(2) slave intranet zones (about 40)
(3) forward-only Internet and intranet zones (about 200),
forwarders are the same upstream NSs.

So the question is:
how to force BIND resolve _all_ names not from (1) or (2) or (3)
to ?

Quick, simple and wrong solutin:
make a zone "." type master, containing
* IN A
after that, all names from (3) gonna resolved to,
seems that "resolve from most-specific zone first" algorythm
is not implemented or forward zones are not authoritative.

Working now, bad and time-consuming solution:
i manually look at the dump of cache, recognize the names that
should be resolved to, and make a fake zone from them:
@ IN A
* IN A

Good and correct solution: ????

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