Anyway to use a forwarder when record not found in my authoritative zone?

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Wed Jun 1 16:50:46 UTC 2005

Chris Cox wrote:
> I have a BIND 9.3.x server.
> It is autoritative for a zone called
> Before.. Windows was authoritative over the zone.
> Under Windows, when I query certain unqualified addresses,
> the Windows DNS will return a result as if it found
> the answer in even though the record
> IS NOT inside Window's DNS csg zone records (not sure where it
> comes from).
> Let's say I query the name "web" using the Microsoft
> DNS.  nslookup (etc) will find it as
> with some IP address.  BUT when you look at the DNS
> server itself, there is NO entry for "web".
> My guess is this could be some kind of global
> forwarder.  My problem is that the box appears to
> be authoritative for the zone... so how is this done?
> Maybe it's some sort of WINS smashing into the zone
> that Microsoft supports?  All I know is that the
> server says the entry was found in csg when queried,
> even though the record simply isn't there when looking
> at the administration panel.
> Specifically, I'm looking for a BIND soln to this.
> I wondering how do you configure the server to look
> inside of its zone data (for which
> it is authoritative for) and then if no record is
> found, attempt the request via a forwarder.
> I know I can do this with search lists on the client
> side... but does this mean that the Windows DNS
> can do things that ISC BIND simply cannot do?  Anyone
> have a soln (the search list thing has numerous
> drawbacks)?
> Thanks,
> Chris

is there possibly a resource record in the zone file
that looks something like this?

*       A

If not then let us have a look at your zone and config files.


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