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Thu Jun 2 03:14:35 UTC 2005

At 7:49 PM +0600 2005-06-01, Muhammad Arshad Ul Abedin wrote:

>  I am a new user of BIND, and I have a situation in hand where there might be
>  tens of thousands of zones in a single BIND server. Has there been any
>  performance study of BIND in such cases, I mean can BIND take such loads
>  gracefully?

	Tens of thousands of zones should be no problem for BIND.  At 
Belgacom Skynet (the largest ISP in Belgium), we hosted thousands of 
zones for customers, and acted as a slave for thousands more.

	The real limits with BIND are practical ones -- how much memory 
can you cram into the machine, what kind of network interface do you 
have (and how much work does it offload from the kernel), what does 
your upstream network look like, etc....

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