task: address -> name from direct zone

Ilya A. Kovalenko shadow at oganer.net
Thu Jun 2 09:38:38 UTC 2005


  We collecting some traffic statistics for customers in form:
(<time>, <remote_IP>, <remote_hostname>, <inbound>, <outbound>).

  The problem is, host name, resolved on reverse zone, often
differs with name, customer requested to, or address has no
hostname at all. It is normal, I know.
  I want to collect customer's A requests (and results) from BIND
named(8) daemon to supply statistics with exact host names.

  Do Bind (9.3.0) have facilities, useful for my task ?
Something like:
  >> queries & results logging
  >> peeking cache
  >> storing cache to file on demand

  Most likely, I need named(8) hacking ...

Ilya A. Kovalenko
S.A. SpecialEQ SW section
JSC Oganer-Service

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