task: address -> name from direct zone

Ilya A. Kovalenko shadow at oganer.net
Fri Jun 3 02:13:07 UTC 2005

Thank you for answer.

>>   I want to collect customer's A requests (and results) from BIND
>> named(8) daemon to supply statistics with exact host names.

BM> Unless someone has actually used your nameserver to look up the name, it
BM> won't be in the cache.
It is clear. AFAIK most of them using my DNS directly, or forwarding
external requests to it (at least, my DNS is nearer and it's free).

BM>   But if you're trying to find out the names of
BM> client machines, it's likely that no one has done this.

>>   Do Bind (9.3.0) have facilities, useful for my task ?
>> Something like:
>>   >> queries & results logging

BM> You can turn on query logging.
hmm, already trying it, but results (as I see) are not logged, so need
to extra resolving, filtering own queries ... etc

>>   >> peeking cache
>>   >> storing cache to file on demand

BM> "rndc dumpdb" will create a text file containing the cache.
silly me, it was so simple ... I suppose to think that

Thank you,

Ilya A. Kovalenko

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