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Mon Jun 6 20:47:20 UTC 2005

At 8:37 PM -0700 2005-06-05, aatcbbtccctc at wrote:

>  Say I type a non-existant URL; for example,
>  "".
>  When I do that, from a PC in Australia, I get an instant error that the
>  URL does not exist. The delay is imperceptible. I feel that there has
>  not been enough time to send a query right back through to a root
>  server.

	Your servers have cached the IP address information for the .com 
gTLD servers, and your servers will know which of them gives you the 
quickest responses.

	Try capturing all the network traffic to/from your nameservers 
during this period of time, and you should see that it takes just a 
relatively few milliseconds for your server to go contact the gTLD 
servers and come back with an NXDOMAIN response, which is then passed 
up the chain to your browser.

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