Running public Bind Server from behind firewall

John McGowan mcgowan at
Tue Jun 7 04:24:58 UTC 2005

I've been running bind for a while now without any problems.  server is 
on public ip space behind a L2 transparent firewall.

I just reconfigured the server to be on a private ip address and moved 
it behind a new firewall that is not a L2 transparent firewall.  I have 
setup a "Mapped IP" on the firewall, but for some reason DNS doesn't 
work like it should.  looks like responses to queries done by the dns 
server aren't getting back. 

The thing that's confusing me is that all other services on the machine 
that were moved are working fine SMTP, POP, HTTP.  DNS is the only 
service that is having problems.

Is there something obvious that I would have to change in my named.conf 
to support a bind server running on a private ip address behind a 
firewall?  (keep in mind that the firewalls i'm running are identical 
with identical policies, the only difference is the introduction of this 
private ip network)


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