Non-existant URLs

Jim McNamara jim.mcnamara at
Tue Jun 7 05:22:52 UTC 2005

I tried to install BIND 9.3.1 on a Debian stable box, and encountered
problems. I extracted the tarball into /usr/local, and proceeded to
./configure, make, and make install. I didn't get any errors,
everything completed and then I went on to the next step. When it was
done, I tried to check out the named.conf file, and it didn't exist. I
checked the /etc directory, and a bind directory within it didn't
exist. A seach for named.conf on the entire system only turned up
example files in the /usr/local/bind-9.3.1/ directories. Can I please
get some suggestions on what may have gone wrong? All the times I have
built before I used the apt-get utility, and that worked out more as I
would expect.

Thanks for your time,

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