Priority on an A record

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Jun 7 23:42:25 UTC 2005

Nick Allum wrote:

>Is it possible to use DNS to provide some sort of weighting on an A
>I have two devices each with two Ips and I only want it to goto the
>primary unless it fails. Is it possible with an A record to set
>In concept I would like (don't even think I can use this but just
>Zone File...
>Mainframe IN A  10
>	    IN A	10
>	    IN A	20	
> 	    IN A	20
Not as such, no.

If you control *all* of the caching resolvers in the environment (e.g. 
not an option for an Internet-visible name), they could all be 
configured with "rrset-order"s or the non-BIND equivalent(s). You could 
probably get away with maintaining rrset-order's on only *some* of the 
caching resolvers, if you were willing to accept really low TTLs and/or 
occasional "spillage" to the worse-preference A records...

                                             - Kevin

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