No named.conf (was Re: Non-existant URLs)

Barry Finkel b19141 at
Wed Jun 8 14:16:19 UTC 2005

Jim McNamara <jim.mcnamara at> wrote:

>I tried to install BIND 9.3.1 on a Debian stable box, and encountered
>problems. I extracted the tarball into /usr/local, and proceeded to
>./configure, make, and make install. I didn't get any errors,
>everything completed and then I went on to the next step. When it was
>done, I tried to check out the named.conf file, and it didn't exist. I
>checked the /etc directory, and a bind directory within it didn't
>exist. A seach for named.conf on the entire system only turned up
>example files in the /usr/local/bind-9.3.1/ directories. Can I please
>get some suggestions on what may have gone wrong? All the times I have
>built before I used the apt-get utility, and that worked out more as I
>would expect.

Why do you expect that a BIND distribution will contain a


file?  That is the file in which you configure your DNS server, by
giving options and telling BIND which zones are masters and which are
slaves.  Your search turned up example files - yes, these are EXAMPLES
on which you can base your named.conf file.  If you have not read the
"DNS and BIND" book (4th edition), I would suggest getting a copy and
reading it.

And it is not a good idea to open a new thread by replying to an
existing message.  Your posting had nothing to do with "non-existent
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