problem with resolving SOME EXTERNAL domains

/dev/rob0 rob0 at
Wed Jun 8 16:39:54 UTC 2005

enesz at wrote:
> OK
> I installed new 9.3.1 Bind to my slave DNS server ( I
> found BIND on, the file was bind-9.3.1.tar.gz, i done
> ./configure , make and it seems that BIND works.
> But my problem with external domains is not solved. (all i get from this
> is new version of dig 9.3 with trace option implmented).
> So, here are dig outputs for domain which works and domains not working:
> # ./dig +trace

CNN likes you.

> # ./dig +trace

The US DoD does not.

> Any sugestions please?

.ba, is that not Bahrain? You're being blocked by some rather stupid 
policies of the US Navy. There is nothing you can do.
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