DHCPD and host names

gerard.mears at gmail.com gerard.mears at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 09:02:54 UTC 2005

Hi (this has got noobie all over it),

I have set up Mandrake 10 with DHCPD.  The clients are Windows XP and
get an IP number correctly.  When I try to resolve names/IP from the XP
clients everything works OK.  But when I try to resolve names from the
Linux server it can't find the XP clients.

The dhcpd.leases file has the client host names correctly.  I havent
set up NAMED yet, do I need this to make it work properly?  Can the
DHCPD do local host name resolutions?  Is ther a simple NAMED (BIND)
howto that explains how to get DNS to server local network addresses
and cache the internet addresses?


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