problem with resolving SOME EXTERNAL domains

enesz at enesz at
Thu Jun 9 14:14:19 UTC 2005

Hi all nice people.
Is this maybe the potentional cause of my problem with DNS server.
I have done nslookup on or and entered in
interactive mode.
Then i have done set all, and this is the result:
# nslookup
Default Server:
> set all
Default Server:
Set options:
  nodebug         defname         search          recurse
  nod2            novc            noignoretc      port=53
  querytype=A     class=IN        timeout=5       retry=2
> exit
Now watch statement:
My DNS servers can not resolve ( also can
Others DNS server get another root=****** statement (in contact with
some another DNS adminstratos in my Bosnia).
Is there a catch, and how to manage it?

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